Magnets are a Stitchers Best Friend

I love the little things that make life easier. Like magnets! They are the perfect sewing helper.

Check out this handy magnetic strip that my husband got at the hardware store. It’s meant for holding screwdrivers and such, but I think it makes the perfect scissor station. (True confession: he bought this for his workshop in the garage, but I stole repurposed it when he didn’t hang it up right away!)
Now my scissors are always with reach, and not hiding under my fabric or patterns or whatever.

Also I Recently got a magnetic pin cushion. (Or should that be holder? There’s nothing cushion-y about it.) It was love at the first use. I think these should be renamed ‘flick-and-stick,’ or something. Seriously, I pretty much toss my pins at the direction of the holder and they stick right to it. And when I hear that dreaded ping that lets me know I’ve dropped a pin on the floor, I just wave the holder around until magnet snaps it back up. I fell in love so hard with the first one, I bought a second one to keep next to my machine at all times.

Oh, and speaking of the hardware store, I also got this toolbox to use as my sewing box. It’s not the prettiest thing, but it was less than $5. And it’s a lot sturdier than the much pricier sewing baskets I’ve seen at craft stores. Also, my tape measurer fits perfectly in that little oval compartment on the top!
I might have to get some stickers or something to bling it up a bit though.

What tools have you come across that make your sewing better/easier/more organized?


6 thoughts on “Magnets are a Stitchers Best Friend

  1. Ooh, I just bought that same magnetic pincushion at Fabricland! Where did you get yours?
    I’d never thought of using a knife rack for scissors… but it’s brilliant, and i want one of those too!

  2. I may need to invest in the magnet stripe for my scissors! GENIUS! Oh and the magnetic pin holders are a must, I own two as well. Love the toolbox idea for a seeing box. Luckily, I just got two storage bins for Christmas from family. I have a feeling I am going to need much more sewing for the tools that I have been collecting.

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