Welt Pockets Baby!

I’ve been slowly working on my Thurlow trousers.  These pants are full of firsts for me, including welt pockets.  Because I was worried that I might ruin my pants, I decided to do a practice run before sewing the pockets for real.  I’m super excited, my practice pocket turned out so much better than I expected!!

Practice Welt Pocket
Practice Welt Pocket

If you’re looking to sew a welt pocket for the first time, check out Lauren’s excellent tutorial from her Thurlow sew-along.  Now I feel confident and ready to take on my welt pockets!


6 thoughts on “Welt Pockets Baby!

  1. I think you win the prize for best first welt pocket attempt of all time! Seriously, I’m very impressed. I haven’t had occasion to do welt pockets yet, but I hope to this year.

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