Completed: Buddy Coat

Meet Buddy.  (I’ve mentioned him before, but I don’t think I’ve properly introduced him.)
He’s our 5 year old mutt.  He’s a big boy, who has a slight barking problem and is a butter thief.  Seriously, if I leave butter on the counter unattended for even a minute, he will steal it and eat the whole stick.

He also gets really really cold.  Although he looks furry, he has no undercoat.  So with the recent cold weather, he’s been curled up in a ball, freezing.  I took pity on him today, and made him a fleece coat.

He’s much warmer now.
2012-12-22 21.21.29
He was such a good sport while I was making this today.  He stood still while I measured him, draped the paper pattern on him, and did a “final fitting.”  I think he knew I was making him something special.

I used this free pattern and adapted it based on his measurements.  The fabric is that no-pill fleece they sell mounds of at Joanne’s.  I made it double thickness, and was able to squeeze the whole coat out of one yard.  It’s not perfect, but I think he’s happy with it.


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