Completed: Shopping Bag

Whew!  Things have been hectic in my non-sewing life lately.  I’ve barely had time to think about sewing, much less do any.  So sad.  But look, I finally managed to turn out a quick project – a re-usable grocery bag!!
Shopping Bag

The pattern is the Charlie Bag, which you can download for free.  I used this funky quilting cotton, and I love it.  There’s just something about gray and orange together that I really dig.

Shopping Bag

Atomic Daisies!

My favorite part of this bag is that it has a built in carrying pouch.   I didn’t have enough of my main fabric, so I used a little piece of gingham for the pouch.  It sits out of the way in the side seam while you are shopping.
Shopping Bag
Then the bag folds up into it and out of the way when you’re done!
Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag
I don’t have good habits when it comes to re-usable shopping bags, I forget to bring them to the store with me.  I think being able to fold this into a small pouch to stuff in my purse might be the answer!


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