Completed: Holiday Truffle

With the upcoming holiday party season, I decided a holiday dress was in order.  Here’s my completed holiday version of the truffle dress.  This is officially Truffle #4 for me.  I might be a truffle addict!

For this make, I altered the pattern even further. I raised the neckline, added a waistband, and made double darts on the skirt front.

Holiday Truffle

Holiday Truffle

I made this with some inexpensive brocade. My ideas was to make this quickly and not put in too much effort. But then the perfectionist in me couldn’t stop from lining it, and doing my usual amounts of hand sewing. I like the end result because it feels like a party dress, but now I wish I would have used better quality fabric. It’s already snagged in a few places, and I honestly don’t think this dress will hold up for the long run.  So sad.

Holiday Truffle

Holiday Truffle

Dart detail

The insides:

Holiday Truffle
Holiday Truffle

Holiday Truffle

Hmm, my embroidered tag almost disappeared into the print.

I did another hand-picked lapped zipper too. It’s official, I think I may do all my zippers this way forever.
Holiday Truffle

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more about how I made my modifications soon!  And, yep, I think it’s time to admit that I’m definitely a Truffle addict.  🙂

Holiday Truffle


13 thoughts on “Completed: Holiday Truffle

  1. Lovely dress! I think it’s great that you spent the time and effort with the lining and zipper. Sometimes I used cheaper fabric for making garment and only realised i should have used a better quality one after putting in the sewing efforts so I symphysis with you! The dress does look great though and I don’t think people can tell if you’ve used a less expensive fabric here 🙂

  2. It is lovely. Using quality fabric is always a plus, but this garment will still be a nice addition to your wardrobe 🙂 Like you, I also handpick my zippers. It calms me…

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