New Stuff: Meet Millicent!

I’m so excited, I finally got a dress form!  Even though she’s not high end (hey neither am I), I love her.  Here she is modeling my *almost* finished holiday dress.  (Does anyone else procrastinate hemming like I do?)

Dress Form!

Thanks go to my little sister for this new addition to my sewing room!!  As for the name, Millicent is one of my fav old names and it’s also a nod to my sister, who has a similar name. 😉


7 thoughts on “New Stuff: Meet Millicent!

    • Thanks! It’s a Dritz “My Double” form. I’m really enjoying having a place to keep my current project, and having it out on the form keeps me motivated. 🙂

  1. I agree that dress and fabric is lovely. I cannot live without my Dolly – I always make sure skirts and dresses are put on her for 24hrs prior to hemming. You’ll wonder how you managed without her!

  2. Enjoy your dressform. The dress looks great!
    I recognized the fabric; there’s a piece in my stash from a gown I made.

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