A Confession and New Obsession

Even though I’ve knitted socks, I’d never actually worn any of them. Sound a little odd? Maybe it is. I don’t know why, but I just assumed I’d hate wearing them.

About a year ago, I made a couple pairs.  I gave these teal ones to my mom.
Fruitloop socks

The other pair I made were these garish orange things. I felt embarrassed to give them away, so I tossed them in with my stash yarn and mostly forgot about them.


Although my Mom loves hers, I wasn’t persuaded by her enthusiasm. I was certain wool socks were not for me. So you know, I never even gave ’em a chance. That is, until a few weeks ago. Wow, was I missing out!

It had gotten really cold in my house, and this presented a problem because I like to sew barefoot.  I feel like I have better control over the foot pedal that way.  But my toes were freezing.  Then bam! – it hit me – maybe I should dig out my ugly orange socks.  So I did.

Warm Toes for Sewing
Amazing, I tell you. I am in love. No, I think I’m slightly obsessed. I’ve got socks on the brain. I want need more pairs!  I ordered some new double pointed needles and a load of yarn. I can’t wait till it gets here. Until then, I’ve satisfied myself by making another pair with this stash yarn.
Unfortunately it is pooling in a very unattractive way.  This is why I don’t like variegated yarn much.  It can look nice in the skien and then knit up funky.
Ugly Socks #2
Oh well, I don’t care, I just want more socks!!  (Even ugly socks will do. 🙂 )


3 thoughts on “A Confession and New Obsession

  1. That’s so funny! Of course, I’m a Selfish Knitter, so I only ever make stuff I’ll wear!

    I really like how your new ones are knitting up: it looks like modern art to me!

  2. Ooh I really want to learn to make socks. I’m convinced they’re the solution to my winter chills. I think your “ugly” variegated yarn is kinda charming though- think of it like grey clouds in a blue sky! 😀

    • That’s funny, the color of this yarn is called “atmosphere!” As for making socks, they are pretty easy. Look up Silver’s Sock Class on Ravelry. It walks you through every step with lots of pictures!

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