Fabric Yardage Chart

Check out this nifty fabric yardage chart!

fabric chart

This came from a woman in my sewing class. She got the original chart from her grandmother. (Yay for generational sewing!)

Most patterns give yardage requirements based on 45″ and 60″ wide fabric.  But it never fails I end up finding fabric that is some other width.  Now, I’ll know how much extra (or less) fabric I should buy!   I thought I’d pass this along, as it might come in handy on fabric shopping trips.

(If you click the image, you should be able to print the chart.)


3 thoughts on “Fabric Yardage Chart

  1. Oh wow, this is awesome! (If it really works- does it?? Does it??!) I have had trouble with vintage patterns not listing the wider widths of fabric. This seems like a nice time saver. Let us know if it works! In the meantime I will steal it for my own tests…. 🙂 Thanks!

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