Planning a Holiday Dress

I went to the fabric store Saturday to get some interfacing and thread. I came home with this:
Holiday Dress Fabric
Red, shiny Brocade! It’s totally not something I would normally pick. But I thought it would be cool for my holiday party dress. Of course since I bought this with no plan in mind, I had to spend some time looking for inspiration.  And there’s sooo much inspiration out there!  Seriously, I could look at pics of vintage brocade dresses for 8 hours and still not see em all!

I really like the waistband detail here.    Source

As for the pattern, I’ll be further modifying my latest version of the Truffle dress.  I’m planning to raise the neckline, and either add pleats to the skirt, or add two darts instead of one. I’m also going to add a built-in waistband.

In fact, I’ve already got it cut out! Here’s a sneak peek:
Holiday Dress sneak peak


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