Completed: Colette Truffle #3

Long time, no posts and no finished projects.  But that’s changing now.  I’ve finally got a new dress to show off!  🙂

Here’s my latest version of the Truffle dress:


Okay, so you may be thinking it doesn’t look much like the Truffle dress.  I know.  I made some changes to the pattern.  I left off the front drape, like my previous versions.  Then I redrafted the skirt to be straight, and added a vent at the back.

I really like this pattern, I think it’s pretty versatile and for me, it was easy to fit. (Waaay easier than the Peony for sure! I’m still tweaking my muslin on that one.)  I’d recommend the Colette Sewing Handbook, just for this pattern alone.  Anyway, here are some more details:

The main fabric is just cheap poly, but I love the print.  It also has a slightly slubby texture that makes it look fancier than it really is.  I was careful to cut it out so that the black leaves  fell on one side of the dress.



It’s fully lined (in Ambiance Bemberg Rayon)

There’s a lot of hand stitching on this dress.  I did a hand-picked (or prickstitched) lapped zipper.  (This was my second go at this technique, and I really like it!)  And I slipstitched the lining to the zipper.

I also added an embroidered label, and understitched my neckline and armholes by hand.

I sewed a vent for the first time too!  I drafted and sewed this according to Sunni’s tutorials.

I started this dress ages ago, and finally finished it up over the weekend.  I must say, I love it!  Only wish I had finished it sooner.

Truffle 3.1


26 thoughts on “Completed: Colette Truffle #3

    • The pick stitching is my favorite detail too! I was a bit sad to put my sweater on over the zipper this morning. Not that anyone would notice the zipper anyway. 🙂

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