Late to the Game

Okay, first I’ve got to say that I’m not a fan of Joann Fabrics.  But . . . I have a tendency to be cheap, so I get lured in by the 40% coupons they send in the mail.  And sometimes I get good deals on decent stuff there – like my favorite Bemberg rayon lining.  (Which, btw, I’ve learned is only carried is select stores.)  Anyway, apparently I live under a rock, because I just learned last night that Joann’s has an app that routinely offers 50% and 60% off coupons.  That beats the typical 40% off coupons from the mail.

Coupon App
Coupon App
So I thought I’d pass along the word, in case there’s anyone else out there like me who is clueless about things like this.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Late to the Game

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I need to get some interfacing this week, so this is great. I pop in JoAnns sometimes for notions (and patterns if there’s a really good sale), and never seem to have a coupon. Problem solved!

    • When I was at JoAnns last week the woman cutting told me they always have an interfacing sale at the end of November. It’s the best time to stock up. Only a few bucks for the whole roll. 😉 Doesn’t help you now, but good to know anyways.

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