Half-a-Yearsary Giveaway

Do you ever celebrate intermediate anniversaries?  Like 3 months, 6 months, or your half-birthday?  (I always want to celebrate my half-birthday, because I like reasons to eat cake. 🙂 But I also always forget about it.)

I noticed that six months ago today I put up my first post.  So it’s my blog’s half-a-yearsary, if you will.  It’s been fun interacting with the online sewing community this way, I don’t feel like I’m just sitting on the sidelines anymore!!  Also, I know I’ve grown as a sewist because of it.

So in appreciation for everyone who reads or comments here, I’m hosting my first giveaway!  I’ve got these two reproduction patterns up for grabs.  They are both unused, and a size 6-14.


Simplicity 3673

Half-a-Yearsary Giveaway

Simplicity 1777

To enter, just leave a comment, and make sure to leave a way for me to contact you!  I will ship anywhere, so non-US friends, enter away!

The giveaway will be open until October 26, 2012, when I will choose one winner at random.


14 thoughts on “Half-a-Yearsary Giveaway

  1. Hi Marie, love catching up with your blog. We probably started at the same level in the Colette sew along, but you are much further along than me now. I think I’ve actually gone backwards. Anyway thx for the giveaway. I really like simplicity 3673 pattern. Cheers Catherine

  2. Hi Marrie,
    Great idea about the part way anniversary. I am going to do that for my birthday, you can never have too many gifts and my birthday is way too close to christmas. Happy blog-a-versary.


  3. You are sweet to do a giveaway. Very happy to celebrate with you. Please put me in the running for 3673!
    I hope your thurlows are treating you better. I’m not brave enough to try trousers yet

  4. It’s only been 6 months? I’m so glad you blog…I’ve certainly learned from your blog. Here’s to many many more months of blogging. Thanks for celebrating with us, I’m interested in the 1777.

  5. Happy half-year anniversary! I just found your blog, through Ravelry. I’m bookmarking your blog! I really enjoyed your redo of your ironing board. Can’t wait to read some of the earlier posts. If I’m lucky enough to win one of the patterns I’d love to try the Simplicity. I ‘ver been itching to try something like those designs. Thanks!

  6. Happy six months! I found your blog through the Flickr group for Lauren’s Thurlow Sew-Along. I just love finding new sewing blogs! 😀 It’s very sweet of you to do a giveaway. I like Simplicity 1777.

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