Thurlow Trousers: Muslin Madness

I’m about to pull my hair out trying to work out the fitting issues with my Thurlow trousers.  I just keep ripping and tweaking and ripping and tweaking.  I think I’ve lost all perspective and I can’t even tell if the changes I’m making help or not.  Do you ever do this, just doggedly keep working on a muslin, even though you know it’s time for a break (or bed)?

Ugg. So I’m finally taking a break.  Here’s where I’m at.  Warning, these pics are unflattering and a bit fuzzy.  Pretty much exactly how I feel right now!
I think the front is pretty good, except I’ve got an annoying wrinkle/poof at the bottom of the crotch in the front.
See how the fabric poofs out there? (Ignore the top wrinkle, that’s just a fold from my poor pressing.)
I think maybe the crotch needs shortened.  I tried pinning a tuck across the front, but I get a camel-toe-ish looking thing going on.  So I don’t think that’s the right adjustment.

The back is okay, but I still have a break under the seat that I can’t completely eliminate.  I’ve tried adding to the back inseam, but this is about as good as it gets.

I missed my sewing class for two weeks, due to the Maui vacation.  So I was hoping to be caught up and have my muslin worked out before class meets this week.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Am I just being too picky??


6 thoughts on “Thurlow Trousers: Muslin Madness

  1. It looks like you’re on your way in regards to the front. As for the back, it doesn’t look bad. Hopefully in class someone will be able to pinch away any excess fabric. All in all I think it’s looking great and you’re not being picky at all.

  2. Don’t worry, I go to muslin hell quite regularly, standing in front of the mirror for ages, pulling, poking, ripping (not seams, but my hair out, lol). You are doing a great job 🙂 Don’t give up!
    I haven’t done any pants fitting so I’m afraid I can’t help. Good luck 🙂

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