A Productive Weekend

I made a dent in my ever growing WIP pile this weekend!  I finally finished my Miette sweater that I started during the Ravellenic Games.

miette 3

The yarn is Cotton Fleece, which is a cotton and wool blend.  I love the color.  (The top picture shows it’s true color best.)  But as I’ve lamented before, it makes my hands hurt to knit it, so I don’t think I will use it again.

Sadly as much as I like this sweater, it doesn’t fit.  I’ve knitted the pattern successfully twice before.  I think I ran into problems this time because the Cotton Fleece is a lighter weight yarn than what I used before.  I tried to compensate by knitting a larger size, but it didn’t work out.  Also I think my gauge was off.  Based on my swatch, this should have fit.  But gauge swatches sometimes lie.

Anyway, you can see the problem below.  The darts are supposed to sit under the center  of the bust.  Mine are way too far off the side and too high.  Also I can’t get it closed around me and it’s tight across the back and underarms.

2012-09-23 15.26.12

I knew there was a problem as I was knitting, but I was in denial and hoped that blocking would fix it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I also finished two easy skirts (blog post coming soon) and got most of my third Truffle done.  It just needs a zipper and hem.

Truffle 3 in progress

This weekend we also got a fancy new car!  Isn’t it pretty?
new car fancy


And look at all that space for fabric!  Or more, likely, dogs.  🙂

New car


6 thoughts on “A Productive Weekend

  1. Omg I would be grieving pretty hard if I knit a whole cardigan that didn’t fit.. I think it’s because I’m new to knitting so I get a bit precious about projects…..what are you going to do with it?

    • I know, I’m pretty sad about it. It feels like wasted knitting time. 😦 Not sure what I’m going to do with it. I thought about frogging it and starting again, but I don’t think I can handle knitting with the yarn any more.

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