Completed: Simplicity 2703

This dress took me way too long to finish.  Not because it was difficult.  But because I kept getting sidetracked.  Anyway, I’m happy it’s done.

Simplicity 2703

I’m not as unhappy as I look here – it was just really bright outside!

Simplicity 2703

I made this with a linen/cotton blend that was really nice to work with.  Since the zipper is in the side of this dress, the back does not have a center seam, which is nice for prints (no worrying about matching!)

The front has four small pleats at the neckline.  I think they get lost in the print though.

Here’s a shot of the muslin, you can see the pleats better here.

The pattern, as written, is not lined.  It had a really big front facing piece, that went nearly to the waist.  I wanted a full lining, so I ditched the big facing and drafted my own, skinny one.  Then I attached my facings over my lining pieces and installed them as one unit.  I like this method for lining because it does away with the need for interfacing.
Back Lining

With every new project, there’s always some new technique or skill to learn.  This dress was no different.   This time I did a lapped zipper for the first time, and it’s prickstitched by hand.  I followed this great tutorial from Sunni.  It worked perfectly.  If you haven’t tried this yet — Do it!  Seriously.  I was so much easier than putting in an invisible zip.

Here’s how it looks closed:

Lapped Zip
Lapped Zip

And on the inside:
Inside of Lapped Zip

Am I a little obsessed with this zipper?  Maybe!   I do love it though!

Simplicity 2703

Where’s my zipper?





Back facing/lining



Overall I am happy with this dress.  It’s comfortable and light weight.  In the photos, the skirt looks a little stiff, and kind of stands away from me at the sides.  I think it’s because I used spray starch to stabilize the lining, and I haven’t washed that out yet.  It should drape a little better after I do.

So now that I’ve finished this, I don’t have anything on my sewing table at the moment.  I’m eyeing this new fabric though . . . .
New fabric.


23 thoughts on “Completed: Simplicity 2703

  1. Beautiful shape to the dress and gorgeous choice of fabric. Very impressed with your lining too! Can I ask what you used to line it with. Doesn’t look like any old cheap poly to me!! 😉

    • Thanks! You’re right, it’s not cheap poly. 🙂 It’s Ambiance Bemberg Rayon. I have a serious love affair with this stuff. It comes in a lot of colors, and it’s super soft, breathes nicely, and can be machine washed on gentle. It’s slippery but if you use a spray stabilizer, it’s no problem to work with. I usually buy it at Joanne’s with the 50% off coupons they send out (~$5 yard), but you can get it online for $6-10, depending on the site.

      • Ah… I have heard mention of this fabulous ABR before… and the fabulous Joanne’s! But I am going to have to do some serious investigation as I am far away in the UK . But thank you so much for the tip off in any case. It does indeed look wonderful 🙂

      • Oh, duh! I forgot you were in the UK. 🙂 Joanne’s is hit and miss. They mostly have junky poly, and spotty customer service. But then there are the little gems like ABR. Hope that you can find some ABR near you, it really is great.

  2. What a gorgeous dress! And that zipper!…definitely will try that! Sunni’s tutorials are great, I’ve used her skirt vent tutorial repeatedly. Your sewing is beautifully neat!

  3. I did not think that I liked prickstitched zippers, but you may have just changed my mind. Yours is lovely! I’m going to have to try that now.

    • I was too! I procrastinated putting it in for like a week because I thought it would be really hard. But it’s not bad, and actually went in the first time (unlike most of my invisible zips).

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