Decisions Decisions

I need help.  My local community college district offers amazing, free classes in fashion/sewing.  Over the summer I took a short pattern drafting course and Fell. In. Love.  The school is offering a full length drafting course this fall.  They also have a sewing course that is focused on pants!  So what’s the problem, you ask?  I don’t know what class to take.

I went to the first pattern drafting class last night.  It’s a different instructor than I had over the summer, and I’m not sure the class is the right fit for me.  Also we will be working on half-sized patterns, (meaning 50% the size of a normal human).  So I won’t make anything usable, which is kind of a bummer.  I don’t want to waste my precious sewing time making mini-me clothes.  On the other hand, I know I would learn a ton.  And even if I make a bunch of tiny patterns, I should be able to apply that knowledge to regular sized clothing – at least that’s the theory.

I havn’t been to the sewing class yet, but it’s being taught by the instructor I had over the summer.  I know I like her teaching style, and I would be making something I could actually use.  But I’d have to lug my sewing machine to school. I’m not too keen on that.  Besides, I’m pretty confident I can learn to do pants on my own.

Other considerations are that pattern drafting meets twice a week.  Sewing’s only once a week, which would leave me more time for making other things!

I’d like to do both, but that’s probably not a realistic time committment. 😉  So, what class would you take?


11 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

    • I know. And it’s only once a week. So maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I saw a woman the other night with a cool rolling sewing machine case. Maybe I could come up with something like that.

  1. I voted pattern drafting. Partly out of my own selfish interest that I hope you’ll share what you learn on your blog like you did with the summer class;-) but seriously, I can see the values of both classes. If I were to make patterns for mini-me clothing then I would (a) keep them proportioned to me for possible upsizing (b) make them on grid paper for easier up sizing. If (a) and (b) aren’t possible due to the way the class is structured then I guess I would go for the sewing class instead of drafting.

    • I think we are drafting to fit these little half-sized dress forms the teacher has. So I don’t know if upsizing will work. But maybe, I probably need to check it out further.

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  3. Wow, jealous! I wish I didn’t live in a creative desert and my local community college offered free sewing classes!

    Anyway, I voted for the pants. The drafting would be awesome if it wasn’t all mini-mes, but since it sounds like you have a foundation for that one anyway, and pants are just so userful and you know you like the teacher, go for it!

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