Hazel Round Two

I was pretty happy with my first Hazel, so I decided to give the pattern another go. Here’s Hazel Number 2.

I almost left the pockets off this time, but I’m so glad I didn’t!
Hazel No 2

Unfortunately my fabric didn’t photograph very well.  It’s a lightweight cotton that’s embroidered with a leaf pattern.  Please forgive those wrinkles — I wore this to work today and it got pretty crumpled.  When I got home it was just too hot to iron it again – we don’t have air conditioning.  😦

This time around I made the waist a little smaller, since my first dress was a little big around the middle.  I think it fits better.  I also decided to add a lining because the fabric is pretty thin.
And of course, I had to add another embroidered label.

I like this pattern, but I think two Hazels are enough for now . . . maybe!  🙂


7 thoughts on “Hazel Round Two

  1. Wow, that fabric is so beautiful up close. (I’m basing this off the picture with the label, I’m not a stalker haha).

    I’m a Hazel addict myself. I’m going to a wedding next Wednesday and I kind of want a new dress to wear. I’m debating if I should make a new Hazel…

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