Closing of the Ravellenic Games

Well I didn’t complete my sweater before the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  But I did get the body of the sweater done.  I’m pretty happy with my progress, and feel like it’s an accomplishment, even if I’ve still got a little way to go.  I just need to add the button bands and sleeves.

How did your Ravellenic Games turn out?


6 thoughts on “Closing of the Ravellenic Games

  1. lol, I didn’t even join the Ravellenic games (why don’t they call it Ravelympics? weird..)
    Anyway, I love this colour. It’s going to look so sweet 🙂

    • Oh, they used to call it that. Then the IOC sent Ravelry a cease and desist letter saying it was trademark infringement. There was some drama on Ravelry for a few days, and I think it even got some mainstream media coverage. In the end Ravelry just decided to change the name.

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