My awesome husband made me the best gift this weekend.

They are risers for my sewing table.  I use a folding table, which works great when I’m seated in my chair.  But when I use it for cutting, I always get a back ache from leaning over.  These little beauties are the answer.

Now I can easily raise my table up to the correct height for when I’m cutting out.  Pretty nifty.

He’s just recently taken to woodworking, and I’m thrilled to be the beneficiary of his newly acquired skills! So I’m thinking a little trade for services might be in order.  I picked up this pattern over the weekend:

I’ve never sewn men’s clothes before.  I’m hoping the fitting will be easier, but I’m probably kidding myself!


10 thoughts on “Risers!

  1. My husband is a “handy” fellow also and I love it!

    Let us know how the shirt for him goes. I have never made mens clothing either.

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