Olympics, Knitting, and (Lack of) Sleep

It’s been quiet around the blog this week.  I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the Olympics.  Is anyone else staying up way too late watching the games?  I have been.  Every night.  We just cannot turn the TV off and get to bed.  Total lack of self control.

Happily all the TV time = knitting time.  And my first event for the Ravellenic Games is done!

I started with this:
Peggy Sue
And turned it into this:
Frogging Trampoline FO

Now I’m in the process of making another Miette with the yarn.  Here’s where I’m at so far.
Miette 3
Unfortunately this yarn has been making my hands and arms ache, so it’s been slow going.  For me, cotton is really hard to knit with because it doesn’t have much elasticity.  This yarn is a wool/cotton blend.  The wool helps a lot – but it’s still a problem.  It’s frustrating because I forgot that this yarn has this problem for me.  Oh  well.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I probably won’t finish before the end of the Olympics.

When the sweater gets too hard to handle anymore, I started another project to rotate in.
It’s a lace shawl, knit in 100% wool.  The light, soft lace has been a welcome break from the dense sweater yarn.

Because of all the knitting/Olympics action my sewing has been mostly ignored.  I do have a little sneak peak of my latest WIP though!

Hopefully I’ll have a completed dress to share soon!


One thought on “Olympics, Knitting, and (Lack of) Sleep

  1. Jealous of your skills, lol! We are not watching Olympics (scandalous, perhaps?), so I’m blissfully unaware of all the sports I’m missing!

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