Ravellenic Games 2012

I’m so excited.  The Ravellenic Games have opened over at Ravelry.  And guess what?!  There’s a Team Colette!  So fun!


For the non-knitters, the Ravellenics is a knitting/crocheting challenge where participants challenge themselves to start and finish one or more projects during the Olympic Games.  There are 32 Events to participate in, depending on what project you choose, such as, the SockPut, Lace Long Jump, and Mitten Medley.

Initially I thought I’d participate in the WIPS Wrestling event with my Audrey sweater.  But upon reading the rules, I learned that my sweater didn’t qualify because it’s only open to projects that haven’t been touched since May 15, 2012.  Okay, of course I can do whatever I want, but I like to play by the rules, what can I say?  🙂

So my first event will be the Frogging Trampoline.  (The goal is to unravel a project you made yourself.)  I finished this sweater last August.  But I’ve never worn it.  It’s a perfectly good sweater, I just don’t like how it fits me.  But I do like the yarn.  It’s Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

Peggy Sue
I started frogging last night while we watched swimming.  Surprisingly, this took more time than I anticipated.  Here’s how far I got:

Frogging Trampoline

Once I’m done I’ll start my next event, the Sweater Triathlon.  I’ll use my frogged yarn for a new Miette.  (Yes, it will be my third – overkill maybe.  But I *think* I can finish it in time for the closing ceremonies since I know the pattern well.  Plus I love this sweater!)

If you are interested in knitting along with Team Colette, come join us!!


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