Sewing v. Exercise

Do you find it tough to balance sewing time with exercise time?
I feel like I often have to choose one or the other.  Last week I started a swim techniques class that meets a couple times a week.  It’s great, but it cuts into my week-night sewing time.  And over the weekend I spent a good chunk of time in the pool.  So my current projects didn’t get as much attention as I’d hoped for.  But I’m loving the swimming, so it’s not like I’m really complaining.  🙂  And I did make some decent progress on a few things.

I worked up a muslin for this dress.

I like the little neck pleats.

I think I’ll use this fabric, but am not 100% sure yet.


So, I put the dress aside, to let the fabric decision stew in my brain for a while.  Then I cut out another Hazel.  I really like being able to turn to a pattern I’ve done before, it makes the project feel a lot faster since I can skip the muslin.  This time I’m going to use a yellow embroidered cotton.  (The sunlight was streaming in my window when I snapped this pic, so the fabric looks brighter yellow that it is in real life.  It’s actually a pretty soft pastel.)

I also worked on my Audrey.  I finally got to the lace bib, and I started feelin the love for this project again.  Maybe it’s the lace.  I have a thing for knitting lace.


16 thoughts on “Sewing v. Exercise

  1. Oh my gosh, I struggle with this everyday! It’s either one or the other and I don’t feel like either gets enough time!

  2. lol! I have let exercise slip away from me because I find it really boring. I’d rather be making something! But I know I should be better at doing it since it’ll keep me alive longer if I exercise, lol.

  3. Great post, Marrie!! This is my number one problem since beginning sewing this year. I don’t exercise nearly enough now. Soon I won’t be able to fit into all of these clothes I’ve been making. I need to find balance, and good luck finding yours. Enjoy your swimming class!

    • Balance is soo hard! I hear you on staying able to fit into stuff, I’m sad to think of spending so much time getting something to fit, only to not be able to wear it. 😦

  4. Your muslin looks lovely, and both those fabrics look delish! 😀 In summer/when the weather is nice, I’m lucky: biking to work only takes about 10 mins longer than taking public transport (about 45 mins), so that’s plenty exercise, I think. I love swimming in winter, though, and try to go twice a week, so that does cut into sewing time…

  5. When I was doing the Colette sew along, I was sewing about 10 hrs per week. When it finished I pulled out my knitting needles (it’s winter here) and knit an hour or so a day. I also go to the gym 4 times per week. It’s all a juggle with full time work and am finding that time for sewing is on the back burner at the moment.

  6. yes, i can totally relate! i try to remind myself of how good i feel when i finish my run, but sometimes it’s hard to balance exercise and sewing (and cleaning and cooking and work…).
    i can’t wait to see your yellow hazel!

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