The Little Things

Sometimes the littlest things can make or break a project.  I’ve been deconstructing these curtains, and my seam ripper has been fighting me all the way.  Today I gave in and bought a new one.  I had a slew of Joanne’s coupons that were set to expire, so I figured it was a good excuse to get some new notions.

I picked up a Clover brand seam ripper.  It’s awesome and super sharp.   I shouldn’t be this excited over such a small tool.  But it’s making my life easier.  So happy day!

I also picked up some glass head pins (no more melted pin heads!)

And got some flexible stitch markers.  I’ve been eyeing these little puppies for a while.


So what little tools make you happy?


5 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. You are so right! I just bought a new rotary cutter blade yesterday, and it makes such a difference! I’d love a new stitchripper – I’ll put that next on my list!

  2. Fresh rotary blades! And I love my little thread bin I made last year. It’s perfect for throwing in small snips of thread while I am working on a project.

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