Challenge: Boat Curtains

I’ve got a new challenge sitting on my sewing table:  boat curtains.  No, I don’t have a boat.  But my dad does, so these are for him.  (Actually they are his late Father’s Day gift.)

I asked him to send me the old ones, so I could see what I needed to make.  I got them last week.  They are pretty awful.  Way too cutesy/beach themed for his sailboat.



And look at this terrible blind hemming.  Hardly blind.


The snaps across the top are how they fasten to the boat.

I haven’t figured out what fabric to use yet, but I know I’m going to reuse the snap tape.  So yesterday I sat outside in the sun and starting ripping away.


I love it when I have a sewing project I can take outside!    That’s the one downside to sewing, it keeps me inside too much. 😦


4 thoughts on “Challenge: Boat Curtains

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