One Lovely Blog Award

Last week I got a lovely and unexpected surprise – thestitchsharer nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thank you so much!  This is such a nice compliment and boost of confidence for this tiny little blog of mine.  🙂

According to the rules for this award, a recipient is supposed to (1) thank and link back to the nominator, (2) tell seven things about themselves and (3) nominate some more blogs  (According to Google, there are various ideas about how many blogs you are supposed to nominate, the range is from 7-15.)

Seven Things About Me:

1.  I’m a nerd and I accept it.

2. I’ve been married for 11 years and share my tiny house with two big dogs:  Abby, who is 15 and Buddy who is 5.

3. I’ve completed NaNoWriMo twice, and have the “winner” t-shirts to prove it.

4 . I have a serious sweet tooth and I love almost all baked treats and candy.  If I lived alone I’d probably eat cookies for dinner several times a week.  🙂

5. I love my day job and I think I’m pretty lucky to feel that way.

6. I like to swim, even though I’m not very good at it.  I wish I was a runner, but my body refuses to cooperate.

7. I drive a POS car, and I don’t care because it’s paid off and I only need to get gas about once a month.

Blogs I’d like to nominate, in alphabetical order:

Crafting a Rainbow



Lucky Lucille

Making it Well

Miss Crayola Creepy

Rhinestones and Telephones


8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 I haven’t seen this blog award before, but I really enjoyed reading your answers! I’m with you on #1 and #5… and I also wish I was a runner (or any kind of athlete!) but I just can’t find any fun in it!

    • Yay, glad you saw this! I’ve never been very athletically inclined, but I’ve found that I like individual sports better than team sports. I have no coordination, so if a sport involves a ball, there’s a 99% chance it’s going to hit me in the head. 🙂

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