Tutorial: Ironing Board Cover

When I first got my sewing machine, I set it up on my dining room table.  And every time I needed to press a seam, I had to get up and go in my bedroom, where I kept my ironing board.  As you can imagine, this got old – real quick. (No wonder I thought sewing was a hassle when I first started.)

Later I set up a designated sewing area in my house, and I got smart and put the ironing board right next to my machine.  It was a revolutionary move.  But it also meant that the ironing board sits out all the time.  And if it’s ugly — which mine was — it’s kind of a downer.  So when I repainted my sewing room, I knew I had to do something about my ironing board cover.  I mean look at this thing.  Yuck.

Ironing Board Cover Tut

If your ironing board looks sad like mine, it’s easy to make a new one.  Below are the steps I followed.

What makes this tutorial slightly different from some of the others out there, is that the only materials required for my method is 2 yards of 100% cotton fabric, some thread, and a little patience.            **Depending on the state of your current ironing board cover, this method may not work for you.  In that case, I suggest checking out this tutorial.

(1)  Before ripping the old cover off and chucking it, check out it’s guts.  On mine, there was some decent looking bias tape, and a string that looked okay.  (I know a lot of people don’t like covers that tie on.  If you’re in that camp, you may want to swap the string out for some elastic.)

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(2) Remove the old cover.  (My cover and pad were separate pieces.  My pad was in good condition, so I didn’t need to replace it.)

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(3) Next, unpick the bias tape.  This is the part where patience comes in – especially if you’re a super-slow picker, like me.  Note:  As I unpicked this, I did not separate the string from the bias tape.  I let it stay folded inside.  This will save you a step later.

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(4) After the bias tape is off, iron the old cover to get rid of all those puckers. (Since I had obviously removed my ironing board cover, I just draped the new fabric over the board for ironing this.)

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(5) Fold the cover in half and press.

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(6) Use the old cover as your pattern piece.  Align the center fold of the old cover along the fold of your new fabric.  Trace.  And cut.

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(7) Pin the old bias tape to your new cover.  Fold the bias tape over the raw edge of the fabric with the string trapped inside.  If you do it this way, you won’t have to go back and thread the string through later.

Cover Tut

(8) Sew.  Be careful not to sew over the string.  Also be sure to leave a small space open at the skinny end of the cover, for the strings to escape so that you can tie them.

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(9) Place the new cover on your board, and tighten the string.  I turned my ironing board over so that I could get good leverage on the strings.

Ironing Board Cover Tut

(10)  Enjoy!  You now have a new ironing board cover, and have barely used any new materials!

New Ironing Board Cover

A note about fabric:  I recommend getting 2 yards of 45″ fabric.  Quilting cotton works great.  1 yard could technically work, but you would end up with a seam somewhere along your ironing board.  And inevitably you would get marks on your fabric or clothes from ironing over the seam.   Whatever you use, make sure it’s 100% cotton so it can handle the heat of your iron.


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