Last Pattern Drafting Class :(

Last night was my last pattern drafting class for the summer.   😦   (Fingers crossed they offer another evening course in the fall)

We worked on adding fullness – basically adding gathers.  Here’s a peek at two of the designs we did.

Again we started with this:
Basic Block

First we did a design with a gathered panel across the bust.  If it was sewn up, it might look something like this:  (Please excuse my crummy drawings)

The pattern pieces turned out like this:

We cut the pattern in three sections and slashed and spread the center piece to add the gathers. Here’s a better look at it:

The next design was this “light bulb” top.  It’s a flat panel in the center, with gathering all around.

The pattern pieces look like this:

It took a lot of slashing and spreading to get enough fullness to get those gathers all around the top of the “bulb.”  I think my pattern piece kind of looks like a fish bone!

So that’s it for pattern drafting class, for now – which is such a bummer.  I really loved this class and going back in school, which might make me a giant dork, but that’s nothing new!

family album 1 008 (2)

Me at Age 4 – So happy to be “studying”


8 thoughts on “Last Pattern Drafting Class :(

  1. Thank you for showing us these patterns, I’ve found them very interesting and it would be good to see some made up. I hope they run another class for you later in the year!

    • Thanks, I was feeling a little embarrased to post them actually. I’m not very good at drawing arms and hands, and the hair on the second sketch turned out a little more 80’s style than I meant for it to.

  2. I’m really intrigued by the lightbulb design…where do you place the pattern peice (for the gathers) on the fold? I can’t envision where you seam it to the center “lightbulb” peice.

    What a neat class. I wish I could find something like it local to me.

    • The part of the pattern that goes on the center fold is very small. If you look at the picture of the pattern pieces that are laying out on my cutting table, look at the very top on the left side and you can see the marking “CF” (the letters are upside down in the photo). That little straight edge that is about 2″ long is all that goes on the fold. Crazy huh?

      • Thanks for decoding that for me. That is crazy. What a funny shaped peice to cut!

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