Embroidery – All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

I’ve noticed a little trend spreading around the online sewing community lately – Embroidery!  And I think it’s great.  I love hand embroidery.

Recently Rochelle and Jo posted some really cute projects, and it got me seriously thinking about embroidery again.  This is a craft that has been in my family for years.  My great-grandmother was a prolific embroiderer.  As a kid I had several framed pieces of her work hanging in my bedroom.  And I remember one Christmas when my mom and grandmother worked together on a huge embroidery wall picture of a mountain scene.  I’m pretty sure it’s still hanging in grandma’s house.

My great-grandma also made practical items.  Luckily I still have some of her flour-sack towels!

Here’s Bake Day (my favorite – it’s perfect for wrapping up warm rolls out of the oven)
Bake Day Embroidered Towel
And Iron Day.
Iron Day Embroidered Towel

Look at the back sides – almost as clean as the front:

Reverse of Iron Day
Reverse of Bake Day

I’m surprised how well the floss has held up, it’s not faded at all. These towels are at least 30 years old!

Bake Day Embroidered Towel

Bake Day Embroidered Towel

I also have this piece of really really old embroidery.  It’s a silk hankie that’s been in my family since the 1890’s.  Amazing.  I need to get this properly preserved.  Sorry for the wrinkles, but I wasn’t about to iron it!

1887 Embroidery

1886 Embroidery

So all of this stitchy goodness has me itching to get to work!  I pulled out my stash of embroidery floss and have been plotting away.

Embroidery Floss
I’ve got plans to incorporate a tiny bit of embroidery in my next project.  I’ll share the details tomorrow.


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