Pattern Drafting 101

I took my first sewing-related class tonight!  It’s a class on flat pattern drafting.

Pattern Drafting Class

The community college in my area has a fairly robust fashion program, and offers several courses for free, including the one I am enrolled in.  And the quality of the instruction is great.

Tonight we started with the very basics, including what tools are needed for pattern drafting.  Then we set to work on making our front bodice blocks and practiced manipulating darts.
Pattern Drafting Class!

Here’s my front bodice block:
Front Bodice Block

Then I traced it onto dotted paper, and moved the dart to the side.

Pattern Drafting Class - Manipulating Darts

After that, I did one with the dart moved to the shoulder.
Pattern Drafting Class - Manipulating Darts

Class was so much fun!  It’s been about 5 years since I was last in school, and taking this course definitely brought out my inner nerd.  I also learned a bunch of new things – and now I’ve got all kinds of ideas bouncing around my head!


12 thoughts on “Pattern Drafting 101

    • It is! The only downer is that it’s only a month long, so there is a lot that we won’t have time to cover. But they may be offering it again this fall for 16 weeks!

  1. Me too! I would jump at the chance to do a class. I am trying to teach myself with every available tute on line. But I can’t help thinking that I am not getting the full picture. You can’t beat the undivided attention of a teacher

    • I’m all internet/self-taught so far, and you’re right, actual instruction from a qualified teacher helps so much. There were definitely a few “light bulb” moments for me during class.

  2. Whaaa? The class was free? What utopia do you live in? lol! Sounds awesome. I would absolutely love to do something like that!

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