A Look Back

This weekend I decided to take a look back at some of my early sewing projects.  For the most part these garments have been tucked away in the back of my closet since I made them.  (With the exception of the pajamas, I think I wore each item out in public only once. Then I quickly came home and hid them away, where, in my opinion, they should stay.)  But today I decided to pull them out and reluctantly photograph them.  So here you go world – my early projects.

First up, my “moo-jies.”  This was the first thing I sewed after I got my sewing machine.

I used Simplicity 9871.  This is a unisex pattern, which meant that I had A LOT of extra crotch room.  They were also ridiculously high wasted.  I ‘fixed’ that by cutting a few inches off the waistband and reattaching it. I actually like these pajamas.  They are warm and soft, and I love the cows.

Second I made a denim skirt.

I used McCall’s 3341.  I actually made a muslin for this skirt, and it was my first time sewing darts, and installing an invisible zipper.  The finishing leaves a lot to be desired though!


This skirt is okay, but it rides up at the waist, so it’s not very comfortable to wear.  Also I really dislike my rushed, machine sewn hem.
denim 2

Third I made another McCall’s 3341 skirt.  This time I used a bright printed cotton.
I should have lined this skirt.  When I wear it, it sticks to my legs and pulls in funky non-attractive way. Also, look at that terrible finishing.  I’m embarrassed.  This is what impatience looks like.

blue 2

Next I went back to pajamas, and tried my hand at a knit fabric.  I used Butterick B5432.  I don’t have a good picture of these (they were in the wash today – yes I actually still wear these).  They fit pretty well, the problem is that they are UGLY.

Me Made May 5-23

Then I made this top.

There are so many things wrong with it.  First, it’s huge and looks like a pregnancy top.  Second, I got seduced by the quilting cotton at the fabric store.  I really loved the prints.  But it has terrible drape, and it’s not very soft.  And finally, it just looks really juvenile to me.  I think it might be cute on a five year old.
big 2

But I did find a good use for the fabric.  I made a pressing ham and seam roll out of it!  I found the patterns here.
Finished Seam Roll & Pressing Ham

Finally I made this shirt.

I used McCall’s M5522.  I like this pattern and plan to work on the fit and make it again.  But what was I thinking with the orange print?


Again, I got seduced by the quilting cotton.  Live and learn.  I’ll consider this my wearable muslin. This was a good project though because I learned how to make buttonholes and a collar.

So that’s about it for the early stuff.  Oh wait!  I just remembered that I also made a couple of aprons.  I totally forgot about those.  Maybe I’ll do a part 2 post.  🙂

Until then, I’m going to put these back away, where they belong.


13 thoughts on “A Look Back

    • You’re lucky to have helpful women at your fabric shops! When I first started sewing, I just went to Joann’s, and thier help is often lacking. So I was floating around on my own.

  1. i actually like your orange blouse – it looks like it’s perfectly sewn, too!
    i usually only have access to quilting weight cotton, so i can relate to your frustration with it – looks great but usually not so suitable for clothing.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I think some quilting cottons do work for clothes, and I’ve seen some nice examples out there. But unfortunately this fabric was really cheap and it’s super stiff, so my shirt is just not comfy to wear at all.

  2. Thanks for the look back 🙂 It can give me hope that my future garments will turn out so much better- I still have so many mistakes to make!! You have improved a lot! p.s love the PJs 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I still have lots of mistakes to make too! 🙂 But it was good to look back and be able to see I’m getting better. I love that there is aways something new to learn with sewing.

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  5. I am so happy I found this post because I have had several apparel project attempts fail and reassurance that I am not alone is very beneficial. I have had 4 skirt, 5 shirt, and 4 dress attempts all fail miserably because of a combination of ill fit, unflattering style, wrong fabric, too busy of a print, or my inability to finish an edge without it looking ridiculously goofy. I’ve learned a lot in my attempts, but it is hard to stay positive when so far nothing has turned out aside from stuff I have made for my niece. (Kids are easy!) So thank you for sharing this and giving me hope that maybe one day I might be able to successfully make the things I invision instead of just being a fabric hoarder without a cause!

    • Sewing can be rough, especially when you want something to turn out just right and it doesn’t. I still struggle with picking the right fabrics! Seems like there are so many opportunities for mistakes. 🙂 Keep at it, and I’m sure you’ll get the results you want. BTW, I took a peak at your blog, I really like your Wyoming tote – I grew up there, so I always get a little excited to see WY stuff.

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