Good Bye Me Made May

Today is the last day of Me Made May.  😦  This has been such a fun experience.  And I am happy to say that I successfully completed my personal challenge of wearing a me-made garment to work at least twice a week!  I also managed to turn out 2 new dresses, a top, and finally put the finishing touches on a sweater that I had abandoned months ago.

In honor of the last day, I am wearing my very latest make – my Licorice dress.  I finished this late last night, just in the nick of time for Me Made May and the end of Sew Colette.  I will post more details on the dress soon, but until then, here’s a quick pic as I rushed out of the house this morning.
MMM 5/31 - Thanks Zoe!!!!!!!
Thanks again to Zoe, the organizer of Me-Made-May.  Looking forward to next year!


6 thoughts on “Good Bye Me Made May

  1. Nice dress. Can’t wait to see you blog about it. I like the polka dots and think you we’re right to use a plain fabric for the sash.

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