Back on Track & a Me-Made May Update

After slicing a hole in my dress, I’ve got things back on track.  I made it out to the store and got more fabric so I could cut a new back bodice piece.

Hopefully finishing this dress will be smooth sailing from here.  I just need to put in the zip and hem it.  I hope to get it done soon, because I still have my Licorice dress to work on for Sew Colette.  Also, I really need another “me-made” item to wear this month.  I’m starting to run out of things to wear.  😦

Speaking of Me-Made-May, today I wore my Hello Dolly! Scarf because, as usual, it was freezing in my office.

Ignore those empty bookcases.  We’re moving to a new office in a few months, so we didn’t bother to fill them up.

Here’s some color shots:

This is another shawlette/scarf that I made a while back.  The pattern is Multnomah, and I think it’s a good pattern for variegated yarn, like Hello Dolly.  It’s also a pretty easy knit, as a good portion of it is garter stitch.  I’m not usually a big fan of garter stitch, but I think it works here.

And if you are curious about the ramp that’s behind me, that’s for my 15 year old dog, Abby.  My husband built it just for her because she has arthritis and she was having difficulties with the steps up the deck.  Lucky Girl!    Here’s a bonus pic of her at her 15th Birthday Party in March.  We threw her a Quinceanera!


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