Buttons for My Miette

My second Miette cardigan finally has buttons!

I finished this sweater a while ago, but I only sewed the buttons on last night.  (Stupid procrastination!)  I wore this for the first time today, for Me-Made-May.

  I wasn’t happy with my yarn choice on my last Miette, so this time I used a squishy superwash wool.  It’s so much better.  However, my sweater did grow a little bit throughout the day, which is something that I think is common with superwash.

I followed the pattern as written, except I made this one a little bit longer.  I did this by knitting one extra repeat after row 80.  Also I went up a needle size on the sleeves because I knit tighter when I knit in the round.


I like this pattern so much, I could easily knit it again.  What about you, do you have a favorite go-to sweater pattern?


9 thoughts on “Buttons for My Miette

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