Floral Sorbetto for Me-Made-May

I finished my floral Sorbetto, and I did it in time to wear for Me-Made-May!

This was a quick little project.  Love that about the Sorbetto.  I had originally planned to use some lavender purchased bias tape, but didn’t like how it looked.  So I made my own out of the main fabric.  Here’s a closer look at it:

For this, I finally broke down and got a bias tape maker.  I’m happy with my little investment.  It made making the bias tape so much easier.

P.S.   If you go looking for one of these at Joanne’s, look around the quilting notions.  The store near me doesn’t stock these with the sewing notions.  Actually, I’ve found that most of the cool notions are with the quilting stuff, go figure!

This is the third Sorbetto I’ve made.  I think I got the fit just right this time around.  I lowered the darts, made the armholes a little bigger, and added about 2 inches in length.  The top is nice and comfy.  The swiss dot fabric is soft and lightweight, and I really like the texture the little dots add.  I can definitely see more swiss dot in my future.


12 thoughts on “Floral Sorbetto for Me-Made-May

  1. Very pretty indeed. I love how you have styled yours in a more formal way. Just goes to show what a versatile top this is. Isn’t it great when you discover a fabric that you love. I have recently started buying more appropriate fabric instead of making do. It’s an expensive move!

    • I know, the good stuff can cost more. But sometimes it’s worth it, especially if it means I will actually wear what I make, and it will hold up longer. At least that’s how I justify it. 🙂 Although I am always afraid I’ll ruin my good fabric. And I find myself buying cheap stuff, feeling like I should wait to buy nice fabric until I can sew better.

  2. It’s so pretty! I love the fabric you used, it’s so great for the clean lines of the shirt. I never feel like I have a good vision of how fabric on the shelf will be in the finished project.

    • I know!! I struggle with this all the time. I think learning what type of fabric to use, and what will look good with a certain pattern is one of the hardest parts about sewing.

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