Bad Serger!

So there I was, happily sewing along on my next Truffle, when my Serger ate my dress.  I had just finished sewing the lining to the bodice, and I decided to finish the seams.  It was going just fine, until I inadvertently caught a bit of the main bodice under the serger.  Crap!

There is no forgiveness with this baby, it slashes right through any fabric in it’s path, and there’s nothing my little seam ripper can do to help.

So, now I have a hole in the back of my dress.  😦

I don’t have enough extra fabric on hand to cut a new piece, and I can’t think of a sensible way to fix the hole.  So this project is going into time out until I can get back to the fabric store and hopefully pick up some more fabric.

I guess next time I should serge my edges before I start constructing things??


4 thoughts on “Bad Serger!

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