An Anniversary and a Me-Made-May Update

Eleven years ago, today, I got to wear the ultimate “me-made” garment:  my wedding dress, sewn just for me by my Mom.

Back then I had absolutely zero sewing skills and only a passing interest in learning.  I remember sitting in my Mom’s sewing room, watching with amazement as she carefully constructed each part of the dress, and thinking there was no way I could what she was doing.  Unfortunately Mom hasn’t sewn for a few years due to some health issues.  But now that I am sewing, I feel like I am able to carry on her passion for sewing.  And as I have been learning this craft for myself, I feel a really special connection with my Mom.  So Mom, if you are reading this – you are my inspiration, and I am so thankful for everything you have given me and taught me.  I love you much and I want to wish you a happy early mother’s day!  🙂

As for my own me-made, today I wore my Calais shawl to work for a casual Friday.

 Even though it is sunny and warm outside, I know my office will be freezing because of the air conditioning.  Calais is another great little lace shawl pattern that was fun to knit, and is easy to wear as a scarf.

And tonight for our anniversary dinner, I think I will wear my new Taffy blouse!


2 thoughts on “An Anniversary and a Me-Made-May Update

  1. My mom is an excellent seamstress as well and like you, i’d watch her as she made wedding gowns, leather jackets, evening gowns, and so much more! She made my formal dress and it’s still hanging in my hallway! (not sure if i even fit in it anymore). Anyways, I love to knit as well, but still need a lot of practice with sewing 😦

    • Aren’t moms cool? I only hope that I can sew anything as well as my mom can. Sewing has definitely been more difficult to learn than knitting, but I am finding it is so worth it! I think that knitting is more forgiving of mistakes. If I mess something up, I can just tink back. I’ve learned the key with my sewing projects is patience and to stop when I’m tired. 🙂

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