Sew Colette

When The Colette Sewing Handbook came out, I was so excited.  I have been watching Colette Patterns for a long time, but was too intimidated to try and make anything.  The handbook is amazing, and has helped me face many of my sewing fears.

Not long after receiving the Handbook, I stumbled upon the Sew Colette sew-along.  I decided to join and am having a blast working through the Handbook along with the lovely ladies in the Flickr group.  So far I’ve finished Meringue, Pastille, and Truffle.  I’ll post a few more details about each one soon.


Meringue Skirt

Pastille Dress

Truffle Dress

Next up on the list is Taffy.  I’m still on the fence about this one.  If I’m going to make it, I guess I better get some fabric!  🙂


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